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A simple travel plan turned into a project that is second to none.

When looking for a suitable roof box, there was not a single one on the market that met both the visual and the quality requirements. Neither in Germany, nor in Europe or worldwide. There was simply no roof box that "blew us away".


So what did we do without further ado: develop our own roof box that fully met our requirements. The first questions arose: Who develops them? Where is it produced? What do we all need?


The first step was to find a designer who understood and could implement our enthusiasm.

After many disappointing collaborations, finally a successful recommendation: A product designer who was also fascinated by this project. We agreed 100%! The design was final. Now we needed a producer. Again there were countless attempts until we found our partner.


The difference to the boxes is versatile. The design is second to none that is absolutely clear, dynamic, futuristic. The processing lets the product "Made in Germany" appear in a new light. The innovative locking systems are unique in combination with the soft-close hinges.

The flush all-round closure level is a visual highlight. The design sought extensive symbioses in the animal world and in the car industry. Optical animal influences from manta rays and blue whales are integrated. Furthermore, also the range of some super sports cars.


A lifestyle box for everyone: whether for family trips or outdoor activities.

Gone are the days of a "sufficient" roof box just for winter sports

or as a sufficient transport solution.

The Phantom One is the ultimate lifestyle product. Whether wakeboarding, fishing, snowboarding and skiing, whether kiting or climbing in the Alps. Everything is possible.

Sketches Dachbox Nimtschke-6.jpg
Sketches Dachbox Nimtschke-5.jpg
Sketches Dachbox Nimtschke-3.jpg
Sketches Dachbox Nimtschke-1.jpg
Sketches Dachbox Nimtschke-2.jpg
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