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Phantom-One® makes it easy to transport your gear safely, easily and in style,

so you can live a fully active life. And we are firmly convinced of the value of an active life - in the city or in nature. If there is not enough space in the vehicle and the car is also not suitable for towing a trailer, create additional storage space for your luggage with a branded roof box from Phantom-One®.

The holiday is coming up and drivers often wonder where to put all their luggage. The trunk is full, the back seat as well - there is usually only the roof as an alternative. Phantom-One® roof boxes are the best option.

Every Phantom-One® is handmade and therefore as unique as you!


The conscious choice of materials, energy-efficient production and optimized packaging reduce the environmental impact. We work sustainably. Less impact when using the product - for example less drag on car luggage racks, which saves fuel and reduces noise. Or the easy attachment and detachment of vehicle accessories products.

It's pretty simple: products that last longer are better for the environment. For this reason, high-quality technical solutions with a stylish product design form the basis of our sustainability efforts.

Phantom-One Teaser

Phantom-One Teaser


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