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Sie haben noch weitere Fragen? Genauere Informationen finden Sie in unserem Service, allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen oder in unserem Supportbereich. Klicken Sie hierzu einfach auf den Sprechblasen-Button auf der unteren rechten Seite und stellen Sie uns Ihre Frage. Unser Support-Team wird sich daraufhin in Kürze mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen.

  • How long do I wait for my Phantom One?
    The Phantom One is usually ready for dispatch in six to eight weeks. The Phantom-One Individual may take two to three weeks longer depending on your personal design preferences. Due to the corona pandemic, we are informing you here about possible effects on shipping and delivery.
  • Can I mount the roof box on any car?
    Yes! The Phantom One has been designed to fit each vehicle individually.
  • Do you also deliver abroad?
    If you have any questions about deliveries abroad, please contact our support team or use our contact form. We will answer you shortly!
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?
    Depending on the model, a deposit of 30-50% is required. You can find more detailed information in our service, general terms and conditions or in our support area. Simply click on the speech bubble button on the bottom right-hand side and ask us your question. Our support team will be in touch with you shortly.
  • Can you also paint the Phantom in my car color?
    Yes! Our Phantom-One Individual is also happy to adapt to your vehicle coloring. For this we only need a short piece of information from the vehicle registration document on your part. And your unique Phantom One will be repainted for you.
  • Is the Phantom made in Germany?
    Phantom-One was founded in picturesque Dresden in Saxony. We develop contemporary products for demanding users. Our goal is to design and manufacture products with a long service life and a unique design.
  • Can I also take the Phantom into the car wash?
    This is basically possible, but must be clarified with the car wash operator.
  • I'm not sure what to buy...can I watch the Phantom live?
    You are welcome to make an appointment with us on site and you can get a live impression of our Phantom One products.
  • Can I still make technical modifications to the Phantom myself?
    Modifications to Phantom products will void the limited warranty. It can also make the product unsafe to use as modifications would not have been tested or certified by Phantom engineers. Use of products with third-party adapters or accessories is also not covered under the Limited Warranty.
  • I accidentally ordered the wrong product. How can I cancel my order?
    The best way to cancel your order is to email us directly at We do not recommend leaving a message or filling out a support ticket for cancellation requests as there is a greater chance that the order will be processed before we can cancel it, at which point it will unfortunately be too late. Once the order status has been received, you should refer to our return policy. Products in new condition can be returned within 14 days of purchase using our prepaid return label for a full refund. We do not offer exchanges. If you wish to exchange a product, you must return the unwanted product for a full refund and purchase the correct product. Please allow 3-5 business days for the return to be processed once it arrives at our distribution center. It will take an additional 14 business days for the credit to appear on your statement.
  • Are my personal data protected when filling out the contact form?
    Yes, the information you provide in your transaction is secured by an SSL encrypted connection. Please read our privacy and security policy for more details.
  • Can I return an item that I have used?
    Unfortunately, only products in new condition will be accepted for returns. This is described in our return policy.
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